Private Residential Hydrant Inspection

The Southington Water Department offers our private residential customers (condominium associations) a hydrant inspection and maintenance program. 

For a fee of $162.00 per hydrant, plus applicable sales tax, we will inspection the fire hydrants on your property and report any maintenance issues that need to be corrected.  In addition, for a fee of $56.00 each, we will paint your hydrants.

The inspection includes inspection of the nozzles, nuts, bolts, packing, drainage testing, flow testing, pressure testing, operating the branch valve and inspecting the valve box and cover. 

After the inspection, the customer will receive a report highlighting any problems with our recommendations.  The report should be forwarded to the Fire Department by the owner.  

To request an inspection the Private Residential Hydrant Inspection Form should be completed along with a CERT-130 form verifying the number of owner occupied vs. tenant occupied units. This number will determine the sales tax charged. Once the forms have been reviewed, we will contact the owner with the price per hydrant. Once payment is received, we will then schedule the inspection. 

You can find the forms below.