Jobbing Rates

Southington Water considers several factors when establishing jobbing rates, including the cost of labor and materials, the complexity of the work being performed, and the markup needed to cover overhead and administrative costs. 

Customers who need specialized water services or repairs should contact the office and inquire about our jobbing rates and request an estimate for the work that needs to be done.

Rates Effective 8/1/23

1" Tap With 5/8" Meter                     $932.00
1" Tap With 3/4" Meter $954.00
Turn On Fee - Non-Payment $98.00
Turn On After Hours $218.00
After Hours Emergency Call $218.00 to $381.00
Tank Fills $28.00
Meter Set - No Tap $491.00
Meter Reset/Turn On Fee for Repair $98.00
Meter On A Hydrant $98.00
Meter On A Hydrant (After Hours) addl $260.00
Meter On A Hydrant (Saturday) addl $501.00
Long Term Meter On A Hydrant dep $2500.00
Temporary Construction Meter dep $400.00
Flow Test 11:00 P.M. $359.00
Upsize Meter $118.00
Frozen / Damaged Meter $410.00
Backflow Device Testing - Commercial $95.00
  Additional Test $20.00
Backflow Device Testing - Residential $40.00
Chlorination / Air Relief Tap $455.00
Additional Meter For Split Service  Or Manifold System $575.00
Returned Check or Electronic Payment $37.00
Meter Pump Out Actual
Private Line Inspection Fees $12 1st 300'
  $6.00 Per Ft After
  $3000 Minimum
 Meter Reading Fee for Closings/Tenants $98.00