How can I change my billing address or update my account?

For any changes to your account, please contact our office staff during our regular business hours. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and are closed holidays.  You may also email us at support@southingtonwater.org. 

I am selling/buying a house, how can I change the ownership?

Your closing attorney needs to contact the Department.  We will work with your attorney and provide them with all the information needed to take care of any outstanding water bills on the property and change the name on the account.

My house is vacant, why do I continue to get a bill?

As long as a meter is installed in the home, the service/infrastructure charge will be billed.  If you do not want to receive a bill, please call the Department and we will schedule an appointment to remove the meter.  There will be a $87.00 fee incurred when the meter is reset. 

We will be not living in our home over the winter months, should we shut the water off?

If your home or business will be vacant, it is imperative the water meter be kept warm so that it does not freeze during the winter.  A frozen meter may cause a plumbing emergency. If you choose to winterize your home, the Department can remove the water meter and shut the water off at the curb valve.  There will be a $87.00 fee incurred to reset the meter.  Please allow at least two days notice to schedule a reset appointment. 

How do I prevent my pipes from freezing?

Insulate exposed pipes, valves and hose bibs.  This includes pipes that are outdoors, in attics, crawl spaces, basements and garages.  Shut off and drain outside faucets. Shut off and drain outdoor irrigation systems. Cover footing or foundation vents. Keep heat on while you are away from home. Locate your emergency shutoff and learn how to turn off your water supply.

What is the best way to turn my water off at my house in an emergency?

Locate your water meter and shut the first or second valve next to the water meter.  If you have a leak that is before the first valve, call the Department at (860) 628-5593 and we will send a technician to shut the water off at the outside curb valve.  If your emergency is after hours, call the office and listen through the phone message. The message will instruct you how to contact our on-call personnel.  If you do not participate in our service line protection program, there will be an after hours fee incurred. 

Who do I call if I need water turned off for a plumbing repair?

If your repair is not an emergency, please contact the office at least two days prior to your plumbing appointment. We will send a technician to check the outside curb valve to confirm it is in working condition.  If the curb valve needs repair, the Department will notify the homeowner. Sometimes the plumbing repair will need to be rescheduled until the Department can repair the curb valve.  The Department will make every effort to make the repair in a timely manner. 

Is there a charge to turn my water on and off for a plumbing repair?

There is a $87.00 fee to turn water on after a repair.  There is no charge to turn water off during regular business hours.  After hour calls may incur a fee.  This fee is waived if the homeowner is enrolled in our service line protection plan. 

I live in condominium association, who do I call if I have no water or a water problem?

If you live in a condominium association, you must contact the association's management company.  If your management company needs us to respond, they can contact us by calling the office. An after hours phone message will instruct them how to contact our on-call personnel. All calls will incur a fee if a technician is dispatched. 

I want to fill my pool quickly, can I use the fire hydrant?

You may come to the Department and sign a meter on a hydrant request form.  The hydrant must be on the same side of the road as the pool.  The Department will provide a water meter and a hose connector.  A signed meter on a hydrant agreement form may be brought to Fire Department who then may lend out a fire hose.  The fee for the service is $87.00 plus the cost of water consumption.  For a more detailed explanation please go to the Products and Services Tab and click on Meter on a Hydrant. 

How do I check my toilet for a leak?

Remove the toilet tank lid. Drop food coloring into the water in the tank.  Do not flush the toilet during the test. If the tank leaks water, food coloring will seep from the tank into the toilet bowl within a short period of time. 

What causes a toilet to leak?

The toilet tank flapper or ball valve may not close tightly.  Make sure the valve seat is clean. Replace the valve if it is in poor condition. Check the trip lever arm and chain to be sure they are closing properly.  The water level in the tank may be too high, letting water escape through the overflow pipe. If so, gently bend the metal arm of the float ball downward so it shuts off water intake at a lower level.  Check the overflow pipe for corrosion.  Repair or replace the pipe if it leaks. 

What is the pink stuff in my bathroom?

Pink residue is less likely a problem associated with the water quality than with naturally occurring airborne bacteria, and is also affected by the homeowner's cleaning habits. Keep surfaces free of bacterial film with continual cleaning.