Fire Protection Rates

Fire protection rates charged by the Southington Water Department cover the cost of providing and maintaining the infrastructure and equipment necessary to supply water for firefighting purposes.

The AWWA (American Water Works Association) recommends that water utilities consider several factors when establishing fire protection rates, including the cost of infrastructure and equipment needed to provide fire protection services, the number and location of fire hydrants, and the expected demand for water during firefighting activities.

It's important to note that fire protection rates are not typically charged to individual customers or property owners, but are instead charged to the fire department or other agency responsible for providing fire fighting services in the area. This is because fire protection services are considered a public good that benefits the entire community, rather than a service provided solely to individual customers.

The Water Department bases the the Fire Protection charge on the size of the valve connection from the water main to the fire line on your property. This cost is collected for the purpose of recovering costs to supply proper volume and pressure of water for fighting fires. 

Size of Connection  Quarterly Service Charge
 2" Line $24.00
 4" Line $62.00
 6" Line $132.00
 8" Line $216.00
 10" Line $330.00
 12" Line $480.00